Bird Munchies Bird Feed Available Australia-wide

Bird Munchies is one of the top two branded bird seed products sold in supermarkets. Our great products have a fantastic reputation amongst bird lovers for providing the freshest, tastiest products available in Australia. We sell our great bird feed products online, as well as supplying our great products to a range of other companies. You might have seen our great bird feed and treats in Woolworths and Coles! Our superior bird feed products are proven to provide all of the necessary nutrition that your bird needs. Our quality ingredients will be sure to keep your bird healthy! No matter what your bird likes, we’re sure to have just the blend for them.
We have an extensive range of bird seed products including

Gourmet seed packs     Gourmet seed treats      Seed Bells      Seed Blocks      Rabbit and Guinea Pig Treats

And much more!

Bird Feed containing all Essential Nutrients

For many years, it was assumed that birds in captivity would be fine if they were fed on a simple diet that consisted of seeds and nuts. However, over the past years, it has been learned that birds are having nutritional deficiencies due to this limited diet. Nutritional deficiencies have been documented on birds kept on seed diets, providing that they are harmful without other nutritional supplementation. Since birds in captivity are not able to choose their own foods it is very important that you as their owner provide them with a wide range of food choices to ensure that they receive all of the vitamins and nutrients that would receive naturally in the wild. When you purchase any of the great products that we provide at Bird Munchies, you can be assured that we formulate all of our products to ensure that our mixes have the correct amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals and proteins that are essential to your bird’s good health. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in any of the great bird treats or bird feed that we offer, then don’t wait any longer – contact us today at Bird Munchies! We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with our great products. Your pet bird is sure to love it!
Beautiful white Cockatoo is eating from hands

Contact us today at Bird Munchies. We sell fly bird feed! We're at the top of the pecking order. Call (02) 6297 0225.

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